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6 Feb
Spiritual Intuitive Psychic


It’s that time of year where most people reflect on love and relationships. 
*Are you in a relationship?
*Are you looking for a relationship?
*Are you looking to strengthen the one you are in?
*Are you missing a loved one that may have passed on and want to connect with them?
Have a session and learn the tools to correct the mirror you project to have greater love and connections.
 It all starts with you!
Love is what love does. 
I invite you all to learn the tools to unblock the blockages that you have build up against it, in the spirit of Rumi let us all unblock our blockages to greater love and self expression.
Sessions are designed to help you find the place within yourself to have what you desire. 
Be the love you are seeking.

Reboot and Simply Grow!
JT – John Traficante



Happy Valentine’s Day from JT John Traficante
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Please pass on this message to anyone I may not have their email address. thanks : )
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Hello Everyone, Happy day!  “Everyday I awaken and reboot

11 Jun

Hello Everyone, Happy day! 

“Everyday I awaken and reboot my mind to my highest good.  I enjoy life to the fullest and the beauty of this day with gratitude and appreciation.”  JT  “A TOTAL REBOOT”

Guardian Angels 

 A Total Reboot Message
This is a day in your life and my 
wish for you  is to follow your heart and soul in everything you say and do. 
Try to connect with your Guardian Angels it is easy to do there is no special time of day they are always there for you.

And when life becomes unbearable and you feel oh so blue just seek your Guardian Angel and they will guide you through.

And remember to stay positive it will work if you do and live and love each moment is my message and wish for you.

Save this little message whenever you’re feeling blue it may help you cope with what you’re going through.

JT 305-695-4414

written by: Mary DeGaeta 1997


John Traficante
A Total Reboot
 Sending love and light to everyone. Have a beautiful blessed day and remember be soulfully Present and Reboot as often as you need.
Please feel free to forward this email to family and friends. Our mission is to touch as many hearts as I can.

Happy Spring! Self Realization

20 Mar
Self Realization
“To Thine Own Self Be True” Shakespeare
Now Begin and Be Present!


11 Mar

Align your thoughts with what you want. Live in Gratitude and Be soulfully Present! : ) Happy Monday! http://jtuniverse.com/

Radio interview on ways to Reboot your life.

8 Mar
Happy Friday! Here is a Radio interview 
to Reboot your day. 
jt + book cover

A Special Radio Reboot Message. ; )
Hope this message finds you enjoying every moment of this beautiful day. Below is an audio link to listen to my radio interview with Cyrus Webb on ways to reboot your life. Please listen to the many messages and may it bring peace to your day.
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Rumi…..
Special offer
10% all session from today until March 31 2013 

“Shine your Aura with Divine presence and 
be True to yourself.”

Reboot and Simply Grow!
JT 305-695-4414
Ready to reboot your life and walk in your purpose? I welcome back John Traficante to Conversations LIVE Thurs. @ 1p.m. et (12p.m. ct/ 10a.m. pt) to talk about his book A TOTAL REBOOT.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/middayconversations/2013/0…See More
Author John Traficante on Conversations LIVE
Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back John Traficante, author of A Total Reboot from the Soul to the Surface, to Conversations 


JT John Traficante


28 Feb
How often are you feeding into Joy? How often are you feeding into pain and suffering? Now ask yourself if I have choice to choose between these emotions, what thoughts am I choosing? Reboot my life!
JT Universe
Reboot my life!


23 Feb

Whatever you think about most you create. What are you thinking?  Reboot my life!  http://rebootmylife.com  http://jtuniverse.comImage